Craig Thompson

My birth date was February 25, 1952 and I am 62 years old.  I have been a amateur radio operator since I was 14 years old...48 years of ham radio experience.

My university education includes a degree in electronics engineering technology from Bradley University in 1974.  In addition, I have over 40 hours of business education in pursuit of an MBA.

I have been in the electronics systems industry since 1973.  Upon graduation from BU, I was the operations manager and vice president of a small company and then started my own business in 1980.  My business is a solutions provider for security, communications, audio/video, and fire alarm systems for industrial, government, education, hospital and religious markets.  I have been involved in the industry for years and have professional memberships in the Audio Engineering Society and the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers.  I have been on the leadership team of the NSCA, an industry association that included the office of president.

Ham radio has been an avocation that has inspired my business vocation.  This success has been followed by successful building of a significant ham radio station and many opportunities to travel the world.  These trips have been to many environmentally protected islands where we have sought permission and then successfully operated ham radio for the international community.

Some of these trips have been to Isla del Cocos, Costa Rica; Midway Island, USA; Swains Island, American Samoa, USA; Conway Reef, Fiji; Wake Island, USA; Amsterdam Island, TAAF, France, and Navassa Island, USA.  All environmental concerns were addressed and these islands were left in better shape as a result of our presence.  We cleaned up our operating area and improved conditions wherever possible.  In all cases, we were observant and careful with vegetation, birds, animals and soil contamination.  We carefully used generators and fueled them as safely as possible.

I believe that our hosts in all cases were pleased and relieved at our level of attention to their environmental and safety concerns.  We would have been welcomed back.

I am looking forward to being a part of the team to Palmyra Atoll.  I will follow the guidelines set forth for our operation to make this a successful trip.


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